Zen Moment: Dog's Day At The Lake

Your are barefoot standing at the cool water's edge with your jeans rolled up to your knees.  The sun is warm for this time of year and the day is just right for a day at the lake with your canine companion.  You take in the moment and reflect on the beauty of the sunlight passing through the trees.  The only sounds are those of the busy birds above.  

You look down to your side and see your dog crouched staring up at you and eagerly awaiting the next toss.  You step forward and at the same time reach back with the stick into a full swing and let it fly far into the waters of what must be the most beautiful lake you have ever seen.  Splash!  You close your eyes and take in the sounds of your dog's race through the water.  You take a deep breath in and as you exhale your eyes open.  Yes, it is real.  You are really here in the moment loving the present with no worries.  All of your senses are delighted to be exactly where they are.

In a moment you crouch down to receive the stick from the panting soaking wet dog that seems to have the most human of smiles. The stick falls into your hands and you scratch the pup vigorously behind the ears and say in a playful drawn out way, "Good boooy." His tails is wiggling and he slurps your face with kisses of love.  Your eyes close tight and your smile draws wide and you hide your face a bit, but not all the way, behind your shoulder.  Light joyous laughter follows and you have just rediscovered your happy place.  This is your zen moment.