Rejuvenating Massage in Hilton Head

Massage is our signature service.  We offer swedish massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and prenatal massage, with 30,45, 60, and 90 minute options.  Upgrade any massage with Aromatherapy

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage - A gentler massage with a healing touch to help muscles and minds relax

Therapeutic Massage - This is the default style of our therapists at The Bungalow. We navigate between Swedish and Deep Tissue depending on the tension and tightness of the area we are working on

Deep Tissue Massage - A heavy pressure massage that releases a high level of toxins, stress, and tension.  Delayed onset soreness may occurr as the tissues will experience some trauma from the pressure.  An athlete or weight lifters preferred style.  

Prenatal Massage - Massage during your 2nd or 3rd trimester

Prenatal Massage

 Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

We offer Prenatal Massage for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester only,

Using our pregnancy pillows, we align you comfortably on your side or face down on the table's "hollow belly" for your massage.  Very often our clients express the joy of relief just from being able to lie safely in this prone position. 

Massage during pregnancy is not a dangerous activity but we recommend that you ask your doctor if massage is right for you. There is no additional charge for prenatal massage.  Any questions?  Give us a call (843) 802-0444